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Mazda Miata

Mazda Miata Turns 25 This Year

For those who are Miata fans, they will be pleased to know that the car turns 25 this year, a model and make that has been revolutionary in looks and automotive technology, staying in the forefront of both. The first time this peppy roadster model was launched on the roads was in 1989. It has been in production ever since with a special model created for the 25th anniversary as well which was launched in 2015.

The vehicle and its brand are in the same league as the Porsche 911, Ford Mustang, and Chevy Corvette. However, from the beginning only, there has been a certain tagging of the vehicle that made it a chick car. Mazda has become sensitive to this notion added MX-5 to Miata name of the vehicle and has focused on making the changes burlier and bigger over the last decade. If you see the Miata of the first generation series, it weighed around 2000 pounds while the 2015 model is around 3000 pounds. You might argue that the first gen had an engine of 1.6 liters that generated around 115 horsepower that was nothing compared to the current models such as that launched in 2015 that generates around 167 horsepower and has a two-liter engine. It definitely is not reason enough for the car to weigh an additional thousand pounds.

Mazda Miata

If you remember how the car looked like in the beginning with the iconic racing green color code and top down model of what it looks like now, with brighter shades and convertible tops, there have been several changes from the old to the new. For instance, anyone who owned a Miata in the late nineties would have to flip up headlights and windows that had to be cranked up by hand; the car had design and technology features that had little flaws from the beginning. Hence, no users complained about the top leaking or engine start problems; brakes worked fine and the lights came on always. It was a beast that moved from zero to sixty in no time and hence, all that had to be worked upon is to incorporate the latest design possibilities and automotive technology advances.

Mazda however, had to tend to the question as to whether the car was a chick car which would deter many men from owning it. Indeed, sports cars that have big engines and flaunt high performance usually are associated with masculine power. However, the Miata was also a car that you would enjoy driving even at 40 mph. Indeed, on most US roads where you face bumper to bumper traffic or need to drive below 100 mph, there is not much use of sticking to the racing models as advertised by Porsche and Ferrari. Indeed the positioning of the Miata in the initial days was probably something that was not necessary to be, rectified; building it along the lines of making the models work for men and women alike who have the taste for fashion and technology is what would have been right for the Miata and allowed it to be lightweight and fast on the road as ever.